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The beauty of this technologically advanced form of magic is that magicians can use customised animation to create incredible illusions and can easily create acts that specifically relate to your brand, product or theme. Giving a personalised magic service like you’ve never seen before, our critically acclaimed conjurers will make your event stand out from the crowd. 

All manner of impossible stunts combining magic and technology will baffle audiences.

Fascinating, engaging and captivating, having a digital magician at your event is a great way to dazzle guests and leave them with a personalised lasting impression of your event!

There are hundreds of thousands of magicians in the world and hundreds on our website alone, so how are you meant to decide which performer is right for your event? One man emerges as a force to be reckoned with on the entertainment scene and his name is MARK YONG.

  • Specializes in merging magic with technology such as TV Screen , iPads & any Phones


  • World's most innovative, award-winning, critically acclaimed magician

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