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Glow Art is a new form of performance.

Pretty and georgeous light pirctures are drawn on a screen infront of the audience. It's visual effect is very beautiful. It combines art  with the most advance technology and it is no doubt in the vanguard of painting technology development.


Glow Art performance is suitable for occasions such as exbitions,annual meetings, opening gambit, private or goverment conferences,events ans parties. It clearly demonstrates the pictures of logo, corporate culture., theme of event and etc. to the audience


Glow Art presents a storylin in the form of a series of georgeous light pictures on a fluorescent screen. It is drawn by a led flashlight device with emits led lights to light up the fluorescent screen and thus creating beautiful light pictuce in green. A glow art picture vanishes slowly from the screen soon after it is drawn and the artist continues to draw pictures of the nest scenario. A fleeting glance at these captivating light picture, watching them as they appear and vanish from the screen, these pictures truly capture the heart of the audience. 

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