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The face mask changing is an unique Chinese art from Sichuan Opera.An incredible and seemingly impossible feat that has to be seen to be believed, our fantastic mask changing act will delight and amaze audiences at your event as the talented performers demonstrate the astounding traditional Chinese dramatic art of Bian Lian.

This Art considered as on of the top skills in China and is one on top their list of protected  arts.Pinky Loo became the first Female Mask Changing Master in Malaysia performing the enchanting Mask Changing art at the tender age of 16,She affirmed that this has been her strongest act for the

last ten  years.

  • Brilliant act performs the ancient Chinese art of Bian Lian

  • Incredibly fast face-changing will amaze and astound audiences

  • Customize Logo on our Mask

  • Chinese Opera type Outfit  or UV futuristic type outfit

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